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We think Tanzania is the most magical country in Africa. Consistently voted as one of the best places in the world for safaris, isn’t it time you started planning your Tanzania safari? Even if you are just in the dreaming stages, everything starts with that. You dream it, and we’ll make it happen!

A Tanzania Safari

We recognize that everyone’s bucket list might be different. Most people want to make sure they include the top spots, like visiting Mount Kilimanjaro, descending to the crater floor of Ngorongoro for spectacular wildlife viewing, and travelling the expansive and dusty roads through the Serengeti plains, ever on the lookout for the Big Five and more as they head to their tented camp for a few nights.

Wilderness Legends does that, and so much more. A stop for a night or two in Tarangire National Park is also something to behold as you are surrounded by herds of elephants, scratching their backs against the massive baobab trees, marching through the tall grasses, looking for that next watering hole or riverbank where they can bathe, play and quench their thirst. The thousands of elephants that inhabit Tarangire will take your breath away as you sit quietly in your vehicle and observe their behaviour and antics.

Perhaps your Tanzania safari will take you off the beaten track, to the other-worldly arid lands of Lake Natron near the Kenyan border where millions of flamingos come to roost and breed, and home to Ol Doinyo Lengai, an active volcano with steam coming out of its vents.

Or maybe we’ll head to Mkomazi National Park, home of the Black Rhino and Wild Dog sanctuaries, and over 1200 square miles of wilderness. Best of all? It is remote, surrounded by the Pare and Blue Mountains, and you may not see another vehicle the entire time you are there. Truly wild, like the Tanzania of years ago.

It’s the extras that Wilderness Legends can do for you that will make you need to get a bigger bucket to hold all of your memories from your Tanzania safari. Our professional guides are all graduates from colleges of tourism and wildlife management, with decades of experience that translates into providing you with an in-depth adventure not only in the bush, but in the heart of Tanzania. Your game drives will be in the wide-open savannah or through acacia forests and alongside swamps, at one with nature in the wild with the animals and amazing birdlife.

You’ll meet the incredibly friendly peoples of Tanzania. Perhaps a few stops along the way at a local roadside market to buy fresh red bananas, or beautiful Kitenge and Kanga fabrics. Maybe a side trip to an all-female owned enterprise where they are making specialized artisanal crafts, or homemade honey. Or an afternoon spent with the Hadzabe tribe learning about their way of life and getting a lesson in how to hunt with a bow and arrow, something they have done for the past 10,000 years.

Shared stories around the campfire at sunset recounting the animals encountered during the Tanzania safari, dining in open air tents, and falling asleep to the night sounds of the bush complete the experience and have you wondering how soon before you can come back for your next Tanzania safari. Let us know how we can help make the magic happen.

If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa | John Hemmingway